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View from the Capo Stand: Stay Hungry, My Friends

With two wins in a row under our belt, we start to look at the next month of games and they're all tough...we focus on staying hungry despite the recent success and bringing new fans into the fold hungry for spring and summer action.

Paul Frederiksen-USA TODAY Sport

We've been walking around the past couple of weeks with extra bounce in our step. And why wouldn't we? A 2-0 win against the New England Revolution gave us the first non-USOC win since August 3rd. And, a 1-0 victory last year against our hated rival New York Red Bulls gave us our first back-to-back wins since June 26th...and oh yeah, did I mention we beat Red Bull?! This newfound return to the upper tier of the Eastern Conference standings, even this early in the season, is legit cause for optimism for D.C. United fans. We've won two in a row. If we win on Saturday, that's called a winning streak. It has happened before.

However, the next month will be a big test for our team as we face some of the teams that are performing the best so far this season in MLS. This Saturday sees the Black-and-Red return to the stadium where scoreboards light up in fear of our fans' arrival. The following Saturday, the hottest team in the league, FC Dallas, makes its way to RFK. On May 3rd, a fan favorite destination awaits as DCU travels to Portland to take on the Timbers and its Army. Finally, it's the 2014 installment of the Philly Chester Invasion as scores of United fans travel north to cheer on the team against the Philadelphia Union.

We've had a taste of winning, and let me tell you, it tastes good. But now that we got the main course coming like slabs of meat at a Brazilian steakhouse, we need to keep that hunger...not just the team, but the fans. This is the time where the casual fans will start to come out as the team begins to leave April (snow) showers behind for May flowers. Encourage them to stay for 90 minutes and get active. Bring them out to your favorite watering hole that's showing the game on Saturday, buy them a beer and get them involved. This is the time where we can bring in the people who may not have known the team is on a good stretch or have been otherwise hesitant to follow the team because all they've heard is that there was a season in 2013 and it wasn't good. Gather them to watch the game this Saturday, or bring them out to RFK next Saturday and introduce them to a United Day in Lot 8, because this is an important stretch for the team. They need the extra support to help keep this momentum going.

Are we starting to see the improvement the offseason moves were made to bring? Is this team for real? Only time will tell. By rallying the troops for these next couple big matches and getting them on buses to Chesterdelphia on May 10th for the Invasion, we have a place at the table

Let's stay hungry and keep eating!