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D.C. United vs. New York Red Bulls preview: When Last We Met... in April... at RFK... in their first meeting of the year

By popular request, rather than looking at the last time United played that team from New Jersey, we're going to look at the last time the Harrisonites came to RFK during the month of April, back in the 2012 season.

In the comments for last week's "When Last We Met" post, it was pointed out to me that as D.C. United plays through the early part of this season, there is very little to be gleaned from showing highlights (well, "highlights") from the hapless 2013 version of the team, especially when more than half the starting XI has been replaced from last year to today. And besides, it's depressing. So today, as we gear up for the New York Red Bulls' first visit of the year (and our meetup-cum-tailgate!) we're making a change. Today, we get oddly specific, looking back at April 22, 2012, the last time the Metros came to visit RFK - during the month of April, for the teams' first meeting of the season. (I had to get creative to get around last year's April meeting at RFK.)

Despite being a breakout performance for Ben Olsen's side, this video might still be a little bit sad-making, if only because the man who scored three of United's four goals won't be on the field come Saturday: Chris Pontius' ongoing post-surgery issues with his hamstring have kept him off the field for the entire year. Nevertheless, the formation should be the same as it was back then, so clearly another 4-1 drubbing of our Atlantic Cup rivals is in the cards.

Also, the weather is going to be about seventy-eight thousand times better this year than it was for this fixture two years ago, so we've totally got that going for us, too.