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The B&RU exclusive 2014 D.C. United Field Guide is here.

The season starts tomorrow, and reader Stunned Duck has been kind enough to put together a handy one-page PDF you can use to spot players in their natural habitat, the wilds of RFK Stadium. SB Nation 2014 MLS preview

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Rob Carr

Quick disclosure, this is Adam writing this post, not, in fact Stunned Duck. The reason his name is on the byline here is that he did all the real work for this post, once again putting together the Field Guide to the 2014 D.C. United Roster, which I am now happy to present. If you want to know what a player looks like, or his number, or what positions he plays well or might cover, or his roster status, you now have a handy PDF to print out and take with you to RFK Stadium on Saturday to help you out. You'll even get each player's nationality and relative position on the depth chart. Stunned Duck is good like that.

Be sure to bookmark this page and send any Black-and-Red noobs this way when they ask what position X, Y or Z plays, and go ahead download the PDF and print out a few copies to hand out at your tailgate Saturday.

Thanks again to the Duck for his outstanding work. Without further ado, here is your 2014 Field Guide.

2014 D.C. United Field Guide