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D.C. United vs. Chicago Fire staff and reader predictions thread

United go for their first win of 2014 this weekend. Does the B&RU community think they'll get it?

Paul Frederiksen-USA TODAY Sport

Happy Friday, boys & girls! The time has come to go on the record with our predictions for tomorrow's tilt between our own D.C. United and the nasty, evil hobbitses Chicago Fire. The staff here at B&RU have given their thoughts; be sure to share yours in the comments.

Ben Bromley

My prediction is more with my heart than with my head, as a loss to the Fire will send the fanbase spiraling into a panic heretofore unseen. Therefore, I predict that D.C. United will win 2-1 over the Fire, and start the long road back to mediocrity. Goals by Bobby Boswell and Eddie Johnson, with Patrick Nyarko scoring for the Fire.

Adam M Taylor

We've got to score a goal at some point, right? I think Eddie Johnson gets off the schneid just in time to report for USMNT duty, and Mike Magee breaks his duck for the season just in time to watch EJ report for USMNT duty. 1-1 final.

Bald Pollack

Two teams who are still learning how to play with one another, for all the world to see on national television. Unless there's an EPL lead-in, it may be time to play "Will Seattle outdraw the NBCSN viewing audience" in Week 3. 1-1, with goals from Magee and Johnson.


I am probably throwing stones whilst residing in a home of glass, but Chicago has not been particularly good, especially in the back, and this presents a good opportunity for United to get a point or three. The Fire defense allows opponents to shoot, and it would be great to see United players actually accept the invitation. We'll get one, but it won't be enough for the full haul of points. 1-1. DeLeon and Larentowicz.


I agree with Ben's prediction regarding the total number of goals and which players make them. There's a twist, however, as my prediction comes from the gall bladder, rather than the heart. A hungry EJ gets on the board. Nyarko scores for the Fire. And Boswell scores, too. But Boswell's is an own goal. Fire wins, 2-1.


Frank Yallop looks quite a ways from figuring out exactly what he wants to do with the Fire as a team and Mike Magee as a player. Sounds like a great opportunity, right? I see United edging the first half but needing a header off a free kick from EJ just before halftime giving us the lead. Joy spreads through RFK as United looks assertive and dominates the second half, but the goal never comes. On a rare Chicago attack, Benji Joya finishes a rebound following a scramble that never should have happened somewhere around the 75th minute. United fans, given the choice between being OK due to the obvious progress or being miserable due to the sucker punch goal, obviously choose misery.


After not being at home for 3 weeks, the team gets a second wind with the home crowd. However, a DeLeon goal offsets an early Magee goal and then Espindola puts one home from the penalty spot after a controversial foul and the good guys win 2-1.

Ryan Bacic

It should tell you a lot that Google autocompletes a search for "Chicago Fire" with "episodes"; good and relevant teams just don't lose to Chivas USA these days, as Frank Yallop's squad did three weeks ago. I say DCU grabs its first three points of the season, 1-0, in its return home to RFK.


This United team still looks a ways off from figuring out exactly how to play together. I predict an early goal from DeLeon to raise hope, but then two quick second half goals from the Fire to sour the occasion.


Based only on the unrequited hope I still have, I predict the good guys win 1-0 over the Fire. Because without hope, what do we have left (besides raccoons and our memories of Pajoy)?

Now it's your turn. How will things play out when los Capitalinos take the field against the Fire?