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D.C. United to stream this weekend's game on their website, Comcast SportsNet schedule still not released

D.C. United's official Twitter account confirmed today that this weekend's game will again be streamed on the website and on MLS Live.

Michael Bradley will not be on CSN this weekend.
Michael Bradley will not be on CSN this weekend.
Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

In what is becoming a yearly tradition, D.C. United's local television schedule with Comcast SportsNet has yet to be released even though we are a couple of weeks into the season. Last season, United and Comcast came to an agreement on April 4, with the the first match show on CSN on May 8. Last season, however, D.C. United was on national television more often than not in the beginning of the season, due to their successful 2012.

This weekend (barring a last minute deal), D.C. United will again be available only via online stream from, MLS Live, and MLS Direct Kick. The stream on will be available for free to anyone who typically can watch games on Comcast SportsNet, while people outside of that range must use MLS Live or MLS Direct Kick. A note for people with Roku devices (or similar devices that have MLS Live): even if you live within the normal blackout zone, you can watch on your MLS Live Roku app, which means you can the game on your television.

While CSN will be carrying a college baseball game between Auburn and Tennessee during the time when United will be taking on Toronto FC, CSN+ will seemingly be completely dark as it has no currently scheduled programming for Saturday afternoon. CSN is not required to pick up more than the minimum amount of games that the contract states, and agreed to pick up the production costs for the games that they do televise. The current deal does not expire until the end of the 2015 season.