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MLS Disciplinary Committee wastes no time: D.C. United's Luis Silva fined for simulation

United's attacking midfielder went to ground without much in the way of contact during the second half against Columbus, and now he'll feel that fall in his checkbook.

Paul Frederiksen-USA TODAY Sport

MLS announced today that the league's infamous Disciplinary Committee has decided to fine Luis Silva for simulation that occurred in the second half against the Columbus Crew on Saturday. And I'm not surprised. I'm not upset either. Silva pretty blatantly dove on the play, which was probably Silva's worst moment in an otherwise also pretty awful performance.

In a very real way, we're lucky the dive wasn't more convincing. If Silva's flop had conned the referee into awarding a the free kick from, United might have cut the lead to 1-2, but I don't think many of us harbor much optimism that the Black-and-Red could have found a second, equalizing goal. (Of course, los Capitalinos went on to 0-3.) But the MLSDC has generally acted more harshly against those who successfully cheat than those who try and fail, which means that United still would still sit with an 0-1 record but would be facing the prospect of a suspended Luis Silva as they prepare for Toronto after this early bye week.

Then again, if Silva fails to step up his game after a hapless performance against Columbus, maybe that wouldn't be such a great handicap. In any event, while I remain somewhat unconvinced about PRO's defense of the penalty won by the Crew, I find nothing to complain about in this decision from the league.