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Michael Seaton called up for Jamaica's friendly against Japan

D.C. United's youngest homegrown player is back in camp with the Reggae Boyz.

Richard Dole-USA TODAY Sports

D.C. United announced today that Michael Seaton, D.C. United's youngest homegrown player, has been called back up to the senior Jamaica national team. The Reggae Boyz will take on Japan this Friday in Japan, meaning that Seaton will be unavailable for United's game this Sunday against the Houston Dynamo; however, he was unlikely to make the bench regardless of his availability, so this trip to Japan will do him good.

The injury to Conor Doyle really ended up hurting the plan for Michael Seaton this year, as did the injury to Fabian Espindola. Seaton was never really a part of the plans for this year; instead, he was supposed to spend another year in Richmond to continue to develop and get real playing time. Regardless of that, however, I do not think that he is behind in his development overall, because if D.C. United had not signed him, he would only be just starting playing college soccer this fall. Obviously we are all excited to Seaton play a more prominent role for United, especially with him now getting callups for Jamaica, and I hope that it starts to happen next season.