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Chivas USA vs. D.C. United: streaming schedule, preview, projected lineup, prediction, and live thread

Who needs the NFL? D.C. United travel to the opposite coast to play the other worst team in the league tonight. Everything you need to know to watch tonights untelevised (at least locally) affair and a live thread for you to follow along.

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Sandwiched in between two huge and difficult U.S. World Cup qualifiers, with no local television coverage, tonight's bottom of the table inter-conference clash between Chivas USA and D.C. United has been overlooked - and reasonably so - by pretty much everybody not associated with either team. Luckily for us (or not), we follow wherever our beloved Black-and-Red go, and so we'll be watching tonight as they take on los Rojiblancos against Sunday Night Football.

You're welcome, America.

Time: 9pm EDT, 6pm commie west coast time

Venue: StubHub "don't call it Home Depot" Center, Carson, Cal.

TV/Streaming: With CSN focusing on other things (specifically, a replay of Maryland football vs. Old Dominion), there won't be any local coverage in the DMV. The bright side to this is that any MLS Live subscribers won't have a blackout to worry about as we stream the game and the home team commentary. [EDIT: The same holds true for Direct Kick subscribers. h/t commenter Croftonpost]

Match Previews: We have our usual compliment of preview material for tonight, including ChestRockwell's scouting report on the Goats, my question exchange with The Goat Parade's Matt Hoffman, a video look-back at the last time United and LA's other club played and, of course, the most recent episode of our Filibuster podcast, in which we talk about some of the possibilities for tonight. D.C. United's official site previews the game and puts tonight in the context of the buildup to the US Open Cup final. For the Chivas perspective, check out our sister blog The Goat Parade.

Projected D.C. Lineup: With the absences of Dwayne De Rosario, Dejan Jakovic and Kyle Porter - all called up by the Canadian national team - we're sure to see some changes out of Ben Olsen, the biggest question being whether he'll run out a new formation with the loss of one of his recently-preferred double false nine. We can be sure to see Bill Hamid in goal, and I expect the back four to be Chris Korb, Ethan White, Daniel Woolard and James Riley (though I'd prefer to see Dennis Iapichino for the former Chivas USA fullback). In front of them, I think Olsen sticks with his usual 4-4-1-1, running out Nick DeLeon, Perry Kitchen, John Thorrington and Lewis Neal in midfield and Luis Silva in behind Conor Doyle up top. For more discussion, be sure to check out Benuski's lineup post.

Match Prediction: Given Chivas' and United's many weaknesses, I think we'll see one of our usual storylines - United dominates but can't hold on for the win. Given the goalfests the Goats tend to be involved in recently, I'll call a 2-2 draw.

What Are You Drinking?: I'm feeling a bit ginny tonight, so let's go with a martini with a twist.

This is your spot for pre-game, in-game and post-game discussion of tonight's hopefully not-too-staid affair in Carson.

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