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D.C. United vs. New England Revolution TV schedule, streaming, preview, projected lineup, prediction, and live thread

Tonight, we're hoping happy stadium feelings translate to an on-field turn-around as United host the Revs.


It's tempting to try and forget about D.C. United's performance last week in Chicago, a 4-1 loss that was all but decided after just 13 minutes. But since then, we've had long-awaited manna from heaven in the form of an announced framework for D.C. United to finally - finally! - build the stadium we fans have been waiting for for a decade. [Check out all our stadium coverage] Also, who wants to dwell on something as miserable as the Black-and-Red were last week, and for basically the entire season so far? For those same reasons, it's also tempting to let ourselves forget about the game tonight, as los Capitalinos welcome the New England Revolution, a team we've seen remarkable success (read: lack of utter failure) so far in 2013. So maybe this will be the capstone on the best week for D.C. soccer fans in quite a while.

Let's make it so.

Time: 7 pm EDT

Venue: Venerable, soon to be vacant (we hope) RFK Memorial Stadium, East Capitol Street, Washington, DC.

TV/streaming: The usual - CSN Mid-Atlantic will have the local coverage on the television, and MLS Live will carry the feed through the tubes for those of you beyond the local region.

Match Previews: Make sure you check out ChestRockwell's usual in-depth treatment of the Revs in his scouting report, as well as the latest installment of Behind Enemy Lines with Revs site The Bent Musket. Speaking of our SB Nation sister site, they've got a couple previews worth checking out from Steve Stoehr and from Abram Chamberlain. There's also still time to check out our audio preview of tonight's game on this week's episode of our Filibuster podcast.

Projected Lineup: Joe Willis will get the nod in goal, and I expect we'll see at least one change on the back line: Chris Korb, Dejan Jakovic (for Daniel Woolard), Ethan White, Taylor Kemp. Look for Perry Kitchen and John Thorrington in central midfield, behind an attacking trio of Nick DeLeon, Luis Silva and Kyle Porter. Up top, I expect Conor Doyle to make his debut for the Black-and-Red. For another take, check out Benuski's lineup prediction.

Prediction: 1-1 draw, because it's currently impossible to predict a win from United in league play.

What Are You Drinking?: I fully expect my seat mate to bring a couple growlers of Three Stars to Lot 8 today, so I'll plan on helping ensure that that beer doesn't go to waste. He's an IPA guy, so I'm guessing he'll be packing Two to the Dome, their double IPA.

Consider this your place for pre-game, in-game and post-game commentary and an open forum for your thoughts on just about anything else. (Hey, did you hear about the stadium news??)

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