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U.S. Open Cup: D.C. United vs. Philadelphia Union - Archived Live Stream

You want a live stream? You got it.

Alrighty, D.C. United fans. It's time to get up for this one. If you aren't at the Maryland SoccerPlex for tonight's U.S. Open Cup fourth round match-up between our Black-and-Red and the vile, disgusting, evil, visiting Philadelphia Union, here's your place to watch the game, live and in living color. To spout a cliche, it's win-or-go-home for both teams, and both should put out something like a first choice lineup. Recent meetings between D.C. and Philly have involved blood on the ground, and there's little reason to expect anything different tonight - to draw from the cliche well again, these guys really don't like each other.

If you're waiting for things to get underway, be sure to check out ChestRockwell's outstanding Scouting Report on the Union. And be sure to check out our GameThread tonight, as well. After all, it is the place for pre-game, in-game and post-game conversation. Or so they tell me.