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D.C. United Goat of the Month for April 2013

The toughest part of culling the nominees for this month's Goat award was limiting the number to four. But we've done it. Vote on our list here.


Find a worse month than this one was since the year we don't like to talk about in these parts. Just try. Actually... don't. You'll just make yourself sad, and nobody wants to spend a gorgeous Friday heading into what should be a very pretty weekend in the Nation's Capital being sad. So instead, we'll just vote for who was the worst in a truly awful month on the field for D.C. United.

The nominees are...

Brandon McDonald - He's the organizer of the defense, and he's the emotional leader of the back half of the team. And he had himself a very bad month, capped by probably the worst 45 minutes of soccer he's ever played. Ever. So bad he blew up at himself in the locker room at halftime of that game in Columbus and was subbed out of the game. But we also failed to record a clean sheet during April, going from a team average of one goal against per game in March to more than double that in April.

Bill Hamid - He was March's runaway Player of the Month, but the plight of all young 'keepers caught him in April, and a bit of inconsistency marred Hamid's play. A couple errors cost the team some goals as Hamid missed some saves that he would have made on better days. Ben Olsen isn't ready to cast any blame his way, but we aren't bound by the coach's decision here.

Every Single Attacker on the Team, Jointly and Severally - Lionard Pajoy (last month's Goat, by plurality vote), Dwayne De Rosario, Rafael Gladiador, Carlos Ruiz, Chris Pontius, the injured Nick DeLeon, Marcos Sanchez, Kyle Porter. All of them. They managed one goal among them last month, which doesn't even come close to not good enough.

Ben Olsen - On this list for the second straight month. The team has looked better in the attack late in the month, but only at the cost of a suddenly fragile defense. His tactics have been off for some games, and the results haven't come in any of them. How much is on Benny, and how much on his charges?

It's a tough call this month, but you can only vote for one. Have your say in the poll, and let us know in the comments why you voted how you did.