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Marcos Sanchez interview and Nick DeLeon's tattoo

Marcos Sanchez gives an interview with, Nick DeLeon gets a cool new tattoo, and D.C. United is on all of your media.

Jeff Zelevansky

I know that it has been awhile, but its time for this season's first installment of the link roundup. Newly signed D.C. United midfielder Marcos Sanchez gave an interview with, in which he talked about his current and future goals. He sees MLS as a stepping stone to Europe, a path which players such as Roger Espinoza and Andy Najar have followed. MLS has moved from a league ignored by leagues abroad to one that is recognized for being able to develop quality talent, and players around Concacaf have taken notice; this can only make the league better. Despite his European desires, Sanchez said that "it’s not just about getting there [to MLS], it’s about staying there, which is what I intend to do."

In other news, the RVA DCU group posted a Facebook photo of Nick DeLeon, our own Amish Sisqo, getting a D.C. United tattoo on his arm. Regardless of when NDL moves to another club, D.C. United is the team that gave him his first shot; that he appreciates that opportunity enough to tattoo it on his arm is just another way in which he has shown his love for the club.

In the buildup to the match against Real Salt Lake, D.C. United is going on a full out media blitz. CP13 gave the morning weather on Fox, DeRo was on the Junkies this morning, and Ben Olsen was on both Elliot in the Morning and The LaVar Arrington show with Chad Dukes yesterday. Check them all out if you haven't yet seen them!