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New York Red Bulls vs. D.C. United - When Last We Met... D.C. broke the Metros' little hearts. Again.

It's time for a new feature here at B&RU: a look back at the last time we played whomever it is we're playing next. And what an opponent to debut it against!

Jeff Zelevansky

The stage was set for something dramatic, and the teams that comprise the original MLS rivalry did not disappoint. After exchanging playoff legs (nominally swapping which team held home-field advantage), two own goals in the first leg and a snowy postponement, the second leg of the 2012 Eastern Conference playoff tie between D.C. United and the New York Red Bulls saw two red cards and an 88th minute winner by rookie Nick DeLeon. Not that I need to remind you - the details of that series won't be fading from memory any time soon. But just in case, though, be sure to check out the highlights above.

I've also come up with a few reasons why this game was important to D.C. United and to those of us here at B&RU:

  • It gave United fans a preview of why Conor Lade won't be a USMNT fullback anytime soon (his Camp Strudel call-up notwithstanding). After being abused like the undersized little guy he is over two legs, it was Lade who played DeLeon onside for the game-winning goal.
  • It also provided us with the inspiration for a truly spectacular tifo (which itself is the genesis of our post-Najar site motto) and a hashtag we're going to be using for a long time.
  • It guaranteed we'd be able to ask the Metros an all-important question for at least another year: How many trophies have you won?
Share your memories of the game and let us know your reasons why it will live in your memory down in the comments.