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D.C. United holds Q&A for Season Ticket Holders with Doug Hicks, Ben Olsen, Perry Kitchen & Bill Hamid

The first fan event of 2013 was held in the VW Lounge at RFK Stadium last night, a Q&A session with more than 100 season ticket holders in attendance. Two of them happen to write for this site, and one of them got stuck with the task of live tweeting the event. Here's what happened.

Ned Dishman

Last night, D.C. United held a question & answer session for around 100 season ticket holders. Ben Olsen, Perry Kitchen and Bill Hamid were all on hand, as was United's newly promoted Chief Marketing Officer Doug Hicks. The team also demoed some of the new food that they plan to serve at the new STH-only Champions Club on gamedays. Two of your humble, but intrepid, bloggers were in attendance. I pulled rank and made Stephen handle the live tweeting duties, but more on that in a minute.

First, the food, which was a preview of what will be available to season ticket holders who make their way to the new Champions Club on the mezzanine at the south end of the stadium this season. Definitely a step up from the normal stadium fare (the pupusa stand notwithstanding): three types of sausage (brat, Italian, Salvadoran) with grilled onions and peppers, fresh-made quesadillas and fresh pasta. And the guacamole actually didn't suck. It wasn't fine dining, by any means, and the quesadilla in particular left a little something to be desired - mostly better cheese - but this Champions Club may really be worth checking out before a game once the season starts. Even more so if they follow through on having special merchandise available there.

On to the substance of the evening. As I mentioned, our own Stephen Whiting was on hand and live tweeting like a maniac all evening. We put together a Storify of the best from the night, which you can read right here. Hope you enjoy it.

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