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MLS First Kick 2013 Countdown: 27 Days - Musical Tributes to D.C. United

With the departure of Long Tan, there is currently nobody assigned number 27 on D.C. United's roster. So we take a break from our player analysis and look at the quality musical tributes to the Black-and-Red from the last couple of years.

A new year, a new musical tribute video to D.C. United. The latest one comes from Allen Smith, an account executive with the team, who might also be coming to a coffee shop near you sometime soon if this video is any indication. Personally, I can't wait to see his cover of Baby Got Back or Get Low. Of course, this isn't the first musical tribute to the Black-and-Red - or even the first in the last 12 months. Just before last season kicked off, Rene Guzman dropped his Welcome to the District, a hip hop track that pays some tribute to the fanbase's strong Latin string. If you happened to miss it originally, or you're just pining for it, here it is:

Starting tomorrow, we've got a nice, long run of player numbers to keep our countdown on track, so stay tuned.

In the meantime, go watch the videos again and start thinking about asking your producer friend to come to RFK to take in a game this year. We don't have a 2014 tribute yet.

UPDATE: Thanks to commenters Irrlicht and Brendanukkah, we're reminded that harDCore legends Bad Brains did their own tribute as part of a league-wide campaign back in 2008 to connect local music acts to MLS teams. Here it is:

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