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D.C. United fans do the Open Cup right

With watch parties around the DMV on Tuesday night, United fans were able to find a place to watch a game that, unfortunately, was not available in enough households. When Lewis Neal scored at the end of the first half and the Black-and-Red held on to win the trophy, the effort to get out of the house was rewarded. Celebrations ensued. Some were caught on video.

Gene Sweeney Jr.

I was at Lucky Bar on Tuesday night for D.C. United's U.S. Open Cup triumph over RSL, and I can guarantee anybody who was there (even the lone RSL fan) was glad they decided to come out for it. The place was packed out, and the atmosphere was awesome. Chanting and cheering like we were in the stands, we tried to will the Black-and-Red to victory, and when Lewis Neal scored, there were actual (accidental) beer showers just like the stands on the loud side of RFK. It was beautiful, and - one hopes - a sign of what the future of this sport and this team will look like as support keeps on growing.

This morning, I put out a call for any videos from the watch parties at Lucky and at other bars in the District and the surrounding region. And y'all came through.

First up: CJ Trammell, who was at Lucky Bar. He caught the aftermath of Lewis Neal's (LEWIS NEAL!!) winner.

CJ also provided us with the exhale after a late Bill Hamid save.

Down in Richmond, Patrick Wood captured the scene at Gus's.

And back up at Lucky, Barra Brava drummer Carlitos Duran was in the midst of the madness in probably the most tightly-packed part of the bar after the final whistle.

I'm more than happy to update this post with any other videos. Tweet them at @blackandredU or link to them in the comments below.

UPDATE: Thanks to Fernando Spike Moreno and Facebook, we also have video from the stands at Rio Tinto Stadium. You might want to hold on to something.

And here's one more - shot as the team arrived at the hotel after the game - from Thomas Hanna.

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