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Wednesday Freedom Kicks: Moses Nyeman on the move, Canada Soccer in disarray, and more

Also, get ready this weekend for some particularly loud engines!

DC United v Bayern Munich - Pre-Season Friendly Photo by Tim Nwachukwu/Getty Images

10 days, folks! 10 days and we have a new season of MLS to enjoy. I am entering this season a little wiser; therefore, in an effort to avoid the dreaded 2022 night whereby I missed a game due to lack near-kickoff-time parking, I have already reserved my parking on SpotHero. 21st century, here I come!

Black History Month Player Profiles: Roy Lassiter (D.C. United): Black History Month continues with a profile on this prolific goal scorer of whom we were privileged to see suit up for the Black-and-Red for a time.

For those on Moses Nyeman watch...

One big question for each Eastern Conference team before the 2023 season (MLS): To be fair, I have a lot of questions going into this season. The goalkeeping question is simply one of them. It’s a really uncomfortable position, but 2022 should hopefully be a low bar from which this year’s goalkeepers can easily jump over. Also, if you’re one of those people who want to keep up with Ben Olsen’s Houston Dynamo, and as such, require more knowledge of the other conference, Doyle of course made one of these articles for the Western Conference as well.

For those on FREE Spirit season ticket watch... you have until Friday! Bonus: Gabby Vincent has added a signed shirt. Extra bonus: It’s for a good cause!

What’s really wrong with the USWNT (WoSo Collective): Our own André writes up a heck of a deep dive into the state of the USWNT as they have been somewhat underwhelming since Vlatko Andonovski has taken the helm.

Canada Soccer isn’t going to like how this goes next (Pro Soccer Wire): I’m just glad the debate in the USWNT camp is who to start and how, rather than... well... this from Canada. I wish the CANWNT all the best in their fight for justice and equality with the powers that be.

MLS isn’t the only sport getting ready to kick off their season. NASCAR is celebrating their 75th anniversary this year, and there are plenty of storylines to watch as the season begins with the green flag at this weekend’s Daytona 500. Strangely enough, my most anticipated NASCAR story of the year isn’t even a NASCAR race; instead, it’s NASCAR’s participation in this June’s 24 Hours of Le Mans. NASCAR has ebbed and flowed with its image as a stock car series, and while the “stock” part of it has certainly long gone, the image of an identifiable street car is something I enjoy. The NASCAR Camaro participating in the 24-hour race is being heavily modified to endure such an event, and in doing so, it gets normal amenities the usual NASCAR race cars don’t, like headlights and side mirrors. Every time I see a picture of it, I can’t help but get excited.

A reminder that pretty soon, things are going to be changing around here. From what I’ve seen, I’m pretty excited! We quickly approach the day when we get to share more news with you. As always, fill out or share this form to be the first to hear the news when it drops.