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Tuesday Freedom Kicks: Statements from D.C. United and Taxi Fountas, and more

This is the season that never ends. Yes, it goes on and on...

MLS: Inter Miami CF at D.C. United Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

We would like the offseason to start, oh, about a week ago. Thank you very much.

Yes, D.C. United has been lingering at the bottom of the Eastern Conference standings for a long while now. Yes, all hopes of making the playoffs have been dashed. But, there have been some (very) bright spots. Wayne Rooney came on as manager, we signed Christian Benteke, and there seems to be a good commitment to building something exceptional for 2023...

If the season had ended about a week ago, we’d be in a slightly disappointed but hopeful place. However, now, we have an investigation into an alleged incident of racist abuse.

Taxi Fountas issued a statement yesterday denying the accusations:

D.C. United also issued a statement:

If you haven’t seen referee Ismail Elfath’s answers to Pablo Maurer’s (The Athletic) questions, here they are, too (Pablo’s whole thread is great, check it out):

This writer is usually a pretty cheerful and optimistic person, but driving home from covering the match on Sunday night, I certainly had a pit in my stomach.

I didn’t witness the event in question and cannot provide any clarity. Only a proper investigation can do that. But the situation on Sunday night serves to shed more light on a much larger issue...

Racism is still very much a problem in our sport and society that requires us to collectively take action to eradicate it.

I’d encourage you all to support Black Players for Change and Black Women’s Player Collective. Also, get involved in your community - join or become an ally to Black and BIPOC supporter groups like Rose Room Collective, Black Fires, and Black Herons.

That’s all from me today, friends. Be kind to each other.