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Wednesday Freedom Kicks: A new DP (sort of), Loudoun United return to action, and more

Also, does anyone want a used champagne bottle?

MLS: CF Montreal at D.C. United Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Another Wednesday. Another week without A/C. Home Warranties reinforce their scamminess as they refuse to cover thousands of dollars of work associated with repairing my A/C, so I’m now on the market to just buy a new one. Fortunately, my work schedule has me extremely busy in their air conditioned buildings. Unfortunately, that leaves you all with some thin (and late) kicks today.

D.C. United Sign Midfielder Victor Pálsson: Cool. New player. Wait. Designated Player?

Ooooh. A designated player only this year, seeing as we have unused open slots. Fair enough, I suppose.

From Plastic to Porcelain: The Julian Gressel fallout continues with an embarrassing reminder that the Loudoun training grounds are maybe not all that great.

Birmingham Legion FC vs Loudoun United: Speaking of Loudoun, they’re traveling to Alabama to face Birmingham Legion tonight.

Getting to Know: Averie Collins: Even little pieces like this are appreciated to form some sort of human relationship with our athletic superstars. I don’t know the Washington Spirit half as well as I’d like, so I’m grateful for these little bones from the team. Now if we can get United to do these pieces as well so that I may know the thought behind every team member’s jersey number.

The United States appears to get an island to itself for the upcoming World Cup, and I just think that’s interesting.

Somewhat fresh off of NASCAR’s recent extremely rare double disqualification in the Xfinity Series, NASCAR just this last weekend disqualified both 1st place Denny Hamlin and 2nd place Kyle Busch, teammates at Joe Gibbs Racing (yes, that Joe Gibbs). As if that isn’t already controversial enough, this sent divisive most-popular-driver Chase Elliott to victory lane. NASCAR has been very serious about leveling the playing field this year with this new car; strict rules are in place to discourage teams from cheating, and we now see those rules will not prevent the governing body from taking away the win. I don’t think Chase Elliott’s going to be getting any of that winner’s champagne.

That’s all I have for you. Kick the rest of this afternoon away into a comfortable evening!