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Wednesday Freedom Kicks: Bayern Munich match tonight, Gressel shares his thoughts on United, and more

Can you decipher Bill Hamid’s tweet?

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FC Bayern München - Training Session Photo by C. Kursikowski/FC Bayern via Getty Images

It’s Wednesday. It’s hot. My AC’s been broken for about a week. Apparently emergency services require the temperature be above 105 degrees, even though the heat index at 90 already pushes that, and dogs (particularly my hairy and furry ones) can really start to suffer in this heat as-is. I went out Monday night and bought a window AC unit for the bedroom and now we all sleep on the Full-size bed as a family. Memories are being made, folks!

To the kicks!

D.C. United vs Bayern Munich: Prepare to see the greatest soccer team in the world take on an obscure team from Germany. The long awaited match between Bayern Munich and D.C. United is tonight in the District. Bayern will be without their star striker, Lewandowski, as he decided the D.C. humidity was too intimidating and moved to Barcelona.

Meanwhile, at the open training last night, my wife showed me just how superior her Pixel 6 Pro is when we captured this photo from section C1 of some probably-decent Bayern Munich player.

Kerry Hess / Black and Red United

All in all, this friendly should provide an entertaining spectacle, even if the outcome is probably a bit predetermined based on the form of these two clubs.

Julian Gressel on D.C. United departure: ‘At times I don’t feel like the club knows who they are’: Speaking of players who are suddenly not playing in tonight’s friendly, we are sure to hear words about Julian Gressel’s trade for some time to come. Trades happen in sports. I can’t imagine what that does to a person and a family, but it’s not altogether uncommon. However, this trade could have been handled a little better behind closed doors. At least we now get some unfettered Gressel gossip on the state of United.

Sebastian Salazar had some thoughts on our owner’s priorities, and... well... I agree.

Bill Hamid is rather (in)famous for his cryptic tweets. We have the Turing Machine working to decipher this one now.

DC United general manager: Wayne Rooney era means “busy time” with transfers: With how fast the wheels are turning here, I wouldn’t be surprised if someone makes an appearance in tonight’s friendly who isn’t even announced to be on the roster yet.

No news on the Washington Spirit front at the moment. I just wanted to point out that they don’t have a game until the 29th. I am breathing a sigh of relief for them as they finally have a chance to rest up and recover.

In lieu of any motorsports news, I’m deferring to what I’ve been enjoying lately: The Orville. It’s pretty much the best of ‘90s Star Trek on TV today. Everything Seth MacFarlane has done in his career has basically been to make this, and the quality and love he puts into it really shows. It’s currently in the middle of its third season, and first on Hulu, and boy does it have a heftier budget for special effects and set design. If you loved Star Trek TNG, Voyager, and DS9, you’ll enjoy this.

That’s all I have for today. You know the drill. Get kicking in the comments!