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Wednesday Freedom Kicks: D.C. United plays tonight, USWNT coming to town, and more

And Chicago looks to be getting some very loud visitors next year


Happy... United Day? Can I say that? At least Zeus and Poseidon aren’t tag-teaming on our region today. To the kicks!

D.C. United vs Columbus Crew: D.C. United are indeed returning to the pitch tonight at 8:00 PM. Ordinarily, I think we’d all still be in shellshock from the last time they were “competitively” on the field, but we were graced with some distracting news over the last few days that have us and the team in higher spirits.

Obviously we’re all well aware by now that Wayne Rooney has been announced head coach. There are dozens of articles published on this fact, but I’d like to direct your attention to only a few more, from Pro Soccer Wire (by the ever omnipresent Jason), SI (by the ever talented Brian Straus), and the Washington Post (by the ever venerable Steven Goff)

If you’re like me, you do a lot of reading of the news but not a lot of hearing or seeing. For that reason, I’m always a little happy to see tweets like this that let me see and hear individuals speak so that I can gage their temperament (and learn their voice, because I still haven’t heard Wayne Rooney actually speak very much in my life). Anyway, I’m officially past skeptical and on to being excited for this move.

USWNT to play at Audi Field in September vs. Nigeria: The women’s national team is coming to the District to face Nigeria at Buzzard Point. Probably a good call since the Spirit seem to comprise a quarter of the entire team anyway.

Chicago is officially giving the go-ahead for a street circuit to be used in NASCAR for the next three years. It’s been rumored for a long time coming, and iRacing even released a track last year to show what this might look like.

For purely selfish reasons, I’ve long fantasized about a street circuit in D.C. racing past monuments and landmarks. If that dream ever came to pass, I have a distinct feeling it would be through less-trafficked and sound-reverberating streets than the National Mall. I also have a distinct feeling that this city has enough traffic issues and doesn’t need a street circuit to truly make commuting hell.

That’s all I have today. Will today be a chance to catch our breath or will more news continue to flood in, hampering another day of productivity?