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Fantasy Focus: Small Gains

A Cincinnati player doing this is the biggest surprise

Luciano Acosta (10) in action during the MLS game between... Photo by Angel Marchini/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images

This round it was Phila-DC just eking out the scoring lead, with 128 points.

BL4CKnRED is still the overall leader, with their lead now sitting at 82 points.

Positional Leaders


Cincinnati’s Roman Celentano ($4.2) was the unlikely leader with 18 points on two clean sheets in just his 3rd and 4th MLS matches. Behind him, Thomas Hasal (VAN, $7.0) kept a clean sheet and saved a penalty for 13 points, and Kristijan Kahlina (CLT, $7.7) scored 11 points on a clean sheet. For D.C., Bill Hamid ($7.0) started and scored 1 point before exiting with an injury, and his replacement, Rafael Romo ($?.?) presumably scored a point or two, but he isn’t in the system yet.


Nick Hagglund (CIN, $7.0) posted two clean sheets on the way to 19 points, leading the defenders ahead of San Jose’s Nathan ($6.5), who paired a goal with his clean sheet for 17 points. Tied for third was the Cincinnati pair of Ian Murphy ($6.3) and John Nelson ($4.8), who each kept two clean sheets for 16 points. The United defense was led by Brendan Hines-Ike ($6.2) with 12 points, ahead of Brad Smith ($6.9) with 11, Donovan Pines ($5.4) with 10, and Steven Birnbaum ($5.8) with 9.


Luciano Acosta (CIN, $11.4) led the midfielders and all players with 20 points on the strength of a goal and an assist, while Joaquin Torres (MTL, $5.4) tallied a goal and two assists for 16 points. Junior Moreno (CIN, $8.0) rounded out the top three with 13 points. DCU’s midfield featured Edison Flores ($6.0) with 5 points, followed by Russell Canouse ($5.7) and Sofiane Djeffal ($5.9) with 3 each, and Drew Skundrich ($4.6) and Griffin Yow ($4.2) with 1 each.


Ronaldo Cisneros (ATL, $8.3) led the forwards with a hat trick and 18 points. Trailing him was the pair of Taxi Fountas (DCU, $9.9) with two goals, and Brandon Vazquez (CIN, $7.6) with a goal and an assist, each scoring 14 points. The remaining scoring D.C. forwards were Michael Estrada ($7.2) with 2 points, and Ola Kamara ($7.8) with 1.

Looking Ahead

I like Sean Johnson (NY, $8.2) in goal this round vs. Columbus, and Dave Romney (NSH, $8.8) in defense at Houston. Have a look at Cristian Espinoza (SJ, $9.3) at Vancouver, and hold your breath and play Taxi Fountas at forward at Miami.