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US Open Cup, MLS transfers, and Taxi paperwork: Freedom Kicks for 7 April 2022

Soccer, go!

MLS: Atlanta United FC at D.C. United Mitchell Layton-USA TODAY Sports

Hello from another rainy Thursday! It seems that it is always rainy when it comes to my day for Freedom Kicks, but at least with Spring being here these days aren’t quite so dreary. I got my Richmond Kickers 1993 jersey yesterday, and they look sick; you should go get one if you like throwback jerseys.

To the links!

2022 US Open Cup Round 2 Day 2 Review: Close games throughout Day 2

Speaking of the Richmond Kickers, they and a bunch of other teams were in action last night in Round 2 of the US Open Cup. The Kickers knocked out Northern Virginia FC 1-0, and the day before the Maryland Bobcats were knocked out by the Pittsburgh Riverhounds.

Without an appropriate stadium currently in progress in the DMV, a regional bid for hosting World Cup matches with Baltimore seems to be the way forward.

MLS teams have sold decently well, but need to keep doing so. We don’t want to just let people go (I’m still a little salty about Wayne Rooney), but will Brenner be annoyed that he didn’t get a sale?

That’s all I have for today, what’s up?