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Losada reaction, Bale to DCU? Bayern at Audi & more: Freedom Kicks for 4/22/22

The aftermath continues

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Inter Miami CF v DC United Photo by Scott Taetsch/Getty Images

Hi there, so I’m doing this for Jason because he has a bunch of stuff to do ahead of this weekend which will be...eventful!

Why D.C. United fired Hernán Losada: ‘It was about the whole package’ (Athletic): I’d imagine more things come out about this over the coming days and weeks, but I don’t think either side comes out looking better after this.

Meanwhile, this bit of transfer rumor, which conveniently came out yesterday morning:

What’s next for DC United after departure of Hernan Losada? (MLS): We’ll find out soon enough! Also, this bit of news:

Marcelo Bielsa Disciples At D.C. United, San Jose Earthquakes Were Set Up To Fail (Forbes): I can’t speak to the Quakes, but I’m not sure how one reaches that conclusion without acknowledging two different reports about his man managing issues from Steve and Pablo. My two cents anyway.

Who’s next? 12 head coach candidates for DC United & San Jose Earthquakes (MLS): Hey, speaking of!

Fuera de las canchas por varias semanas (La Prensa): Andy Najar will be out for a bit (as will Bill Hamid), so bring on the fun!

D.C., Baltimore announce joint bid to host 2026 World Cup (WaPo): OK I guess?

D.C. United to play Bayern Munich in July 20th friendly (us): Not even on the season ticket holder package, so have fun everyone! WaPo with more.

Meanwhile, this seven minutes between Ryan Martin and Michael Gamble (the former recruited the latter at Wake Forest) is a nice look at how they get along. Your judgment of Loudoun aside, they’re making some attempts at content to have people get to know them better, and it’s worth a peek:

Congressional Soccer Match to take place next week with embassy staff, soccer stars (The Hill): At Audi Field next week. Can any of them play, or coach?

Big Buzzard Point development, with thousands of apartments, locks in financing (WTOP): In things around Audi, this thing I guess. I haven’t been down there in a bit, so I don’t know where this is.

Anyway, that’s a bit, so if you get a chance, wish a belated birthday to Jason, who shares the same birthday as Iggy Pop. So here’s Henry Rollins talking about trying to upstage Iggy: