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D.C. United end preseason, USWNT win & more: Freedom Kicks for 2/21/22

OK, not much left to do but wait.

Pablo Cabrera / Courtesy of D.C. United

Hey there, I’m just recovering from a playdate with two five-year-olds where I served as the entertainment center, so I am hydrating and medicating!

D.C. United, LA Galaxy battle to 2-2 draw in MLS preseason finale (us): Hey there was a game! We watched it and everything! WaPo with more, LAG Confidential with that part of it.

D.C. United unveils new 2022 “Black-and-Red” home jersey (us): There’s a link in there to buy the jersey, which helps us out and is appreciated since we don’t have the mighty Bezos or NYT helping us on the beat.

Each MLS team’s most important player for the 2022 season (MLS): Seeing a lot of Edison Flores in these, with good reason.

Meanwhile, this logical piece of Spirit news:

D.C. had had their training site agreement with Loudoun redone after the World Cup to bring in the Spirit, so this long-delayed coming home of sorts is welcome.

2022 She Believes Cup: USA 5-0 New Zealand - The Americans bounce back with a dominant win (SSFC): Speaking of the Spirit, Ashley Hatch just keeps scoring at the National Team level. WaPo with more.

Lorenzo Insigne is MLS bound. Could the likes of Isco, Memphis Depay follow in free agency? (ESPN): Someone did this exercise and attached a player to D.C. United.

PSN 1-on-1: Riverhounds SC defender Robby Dambrot (PSN): The former Loudoun defender is from that area and played college soccer at Pitt, so his return is natural. I’ll have more from Loudoun’s decision-makers later this morning.

Finally, since Miller’s Crossing has gotten the Criterion Collection treatment on home video, this lovely tribute to one of its many fine scenes:

Anyway, that’s all I have today, go give Monday the high hat.