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Thursday Freedom Kicks: D.C. United fires Lucy Rushton and others, Arsenal bewilders Lyon in Women’s Champions League, and more

Someone, Teflon Dave remains.

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MLS: DC United Press Conference Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Happy Thursday, folks. A big bombshell dropped yesterday in the land of D.C. United, so we gotta start there:

D.C. United fires general manager Lucy Rushton - The Athletic

Lucy Rushton: gone. Victor Lonchuk: gone. Nico Frutos: gone. Chad Ashton: reassigned. Yet somehow...Dave Kasper: remains. They say that he will take an “advisory role,” but yes y’all, he’s still in the front office.

Ashton, an assistant since 2007, will be reassigned within the organization, and assistant Nicolás Frutos, who was hired by Losada, will not return next season,

Arsenal humble Lyon to ‘shift balance of women’s game’ - BBC

Lyon got beltstomped by Arsenal in UEFA Women’s Champions League, a historic defeat. The 5-1 victory for Arsenal could signify a shift in who’s the team to beat in this year’s competition.

Real Madrid breeze past rock-bottom Elche in comfortable 3-0 win - ESPNFC

Real Madrid still have not lost in any competition this year, taking out Elche 3-0.

Cristiano Ronaldo: Erik ten Hag will ‘deal with’ Man Utd forward over early exit down tunnel - BBC

Cristiano Ronaldo left the bench early during Manchester United’s victory today over Tottenham Hotspur. Man U coach Erik ten Hag said it will be dealt with. Might just need to let him go.

Finally, regarding the Taxi Fountas investigation:

That’s it for today y’all. Catch you on the flip.