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Carli Lloyd retires, AD Franch traded to Kansas City, and more: Freedom Kicks for 8/17/2021

Today in the news: Woso and water slides

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United States v Australia: Bronze Medal Match Women’s Football - Olympics: Day 13 Photo by Brad Smith/ISI Photos/Getty Images

Good...well, probably afternoon, since I’m starting this at 11:40 because I forgot it was Tuesday. Among the highlights of my day so far: spending about 10 minutes trying to figure out the name of the teriyaki place that used to be in the Annapolis Mall (Hibachi-San) when I worked in said mall around the turn of the century.

And now that you have that important fact, here’s some news:

Carli Lloyd announces retirement from professional soccer | Stars and Stripes FC
Carli Lloyd’s USWNT career will end with four friendlies over the next two months, while her professional career will wrap up soon thereafter, as Gotham FC’s last possible game of the year would be an NWSL championship game appearance just before Thanksgiving. Lloyd ended up with over 300 caps, 2 World Cups, 2 gold medals...that’s a lot.

Speaking of those USWNT matches, here’s where the October set will take place:

Portland Thorns trade Adrianna Franch to Kansas City: Sources | The Athletic
Big NWSL trade here, as AD Franch is apparently heading to Kansas City NWSL for Abby Smith and $150,000 in allocation money. For Franch, the move would be a move closer to where she grew up, while for Portland, it’s very good business that they’re able to get away with on the field because Bella Bixby has emerged as one of the best 6 or 7 goalkeepers in the league. The Thorns also help themselves out a bit in terms of preparing for next year’s expansion draft when Angel City FC and Unnamed San Diego join in.

For KC, meanwhile, they get a potential Best 11 player, which they badly need because their place in the standings is really all about talent level relative to the rest of the league.

Afghanistan’s female footballers make tearful calls for help | Associated Press
This is heartbreaking, there’s just no other way to put it. After years of pushing for respect, Afghanistan’s women’s soccer players are in grave danger just for being soccer players.

That’s all I have for you at the moment. Here’s one last note from Serie B: