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Kevin Paredes transfer, Ashley Hatch, and MLS valuations: Freedom Kicks for 15 July 2021

Soccer, go!

Kelley Piper / Black and Red United

Good morning! I am running around like a chicken with an espresso, so let’s just get straight into the links!

Washington Spirit striker Ashley Hatch took home the player of the week honors from the NWSL after scoring both goals in the statement win over the North Carolina Courage. Congrats, Ashley!

Massimo Ferrin goal leads 10-man D.C. United past Alianza FC in 1-0 friendly win

You could basically read this as “Loudoun United beats Alianza 1-0 in a friendly.” Congrats to all the young players!

This makes a lot of sense, given the Salvadoran community in D.C., and lets the team show that the venue is being used for a bunch of different purposes. Make it happen!

I will accept nothing less than Alphonso Davies money.

Come on, Jim! Give us something to put up on the ol’ bulletin board.


Folks. Listen. I know I have to say this every time, but people are being wild out there on the internet about these numbers, so I have to say it again. THESE VALUATIONS ARE MADE UP AND MEAN NOTHING. Like literally nothing. A former Forbes staffer told a conference that I was at the, for example, the billionaire numbers are completely made up. So these are too.

The only way to have any valuation of a team is based on what someone pays for it, and most MLS teams haven’t been invested in recently (though D.C. United is an exception to that rule). Also, just because they have a certain “value” doesn’t mean anything about the quality of the league, the economic structures, or anything else.

Basically, don’t be like this. This isn’t how economics works.

That’s all I have today. What’s up?