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D.C. United/Spirit stoppage time events & more: Freedom Kicks for 6/28/21

And a DCU supporter icon leaves us.

MLS: D.C. United at New York City FC Danny Wild-USA TODAY Sports

Man, stoppage-time goals went from good to bad in a hurry over the weekend.

Recaps of D.C. United’s 2-1 loss to New York City FC by us, WaPo, and MLS. Hudson River Blue with the Pigeons side of things.

Recaps of the Washington Spirit’s 2-1 win at Kansas City by us and WaPo.

Meanwhile, rest well Rob Gillespie, you were a King among jokers. Donate to the GoFundMe for his son if you can:

If you’re around Twitch tomorrow, check out Ashley Sanchez and Trinity Rodman, who can chat about their moments of magic from the weekend:

Recap: Loudoun drop 5th straight in 3-0 loss (us): Not feeling good about things!

Finally, I don’t have a movie recommendation, but I’ve been going through audiobooks slowly recently, and Oliver Stone’s autobiography is fascinating, for not the reasons you think. Along with some interesting anecdotes, historical revisions and production recollection, he does voices of the characters for the movies he wrote or directed. Want him to do Pacino-Michelle Pfeiffer scenes from Scarface? Done. Midnight Express? That too. If you have Audible credits and like movies and crazy people talking, it’s worth your time.