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U.S. Soccer responds to USWNT’s LFG documentary, D.C. United & Washington Spirit news, and more: Freedom Kicks for 6/25/2021

UEFA ditched away goals, and we’ve got a lot of soccer coming up this weekend

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Kelley Piper / Black and Red United

Good morning! D.C. United plays Sunday, and the Washington Spirit and Loudoun United are up tomorrow. I have no really interesting things to add here, so that’ll do it for the opening paragraph. We keep it moving!

Let’s first talk about something that I only partially realized:

I know I wrote about this idea yesterday in our reactions piece, but I had not checked this data point. Yamil Asad is pretty much screaming for more playing time with that kind of impact.

Mohamed “KingCJ0” Alioune Diop, Becomes the Only American to Qualify for the 2021 FIFAe World Cup |
United’s eMLS player KingCJ0 came through with a big win, and is heading to London for the FIFAe World Cup (an event which should put that “e” pretty much anywhere other than at the end of FIFA, but I digress).

Here’s your Washington Spirit pre-game press conference quote thread:

We’ve got something of an Ashley Hatch injury update in there, plus Paige Nielsen trying to crossbar challenge her way into the lineup as she comes back from a thigh injury. Click through for the whole thing.

The Spirit are at Kansas City NWSL tomorrow, part of the league’s Super Saturday in which all 10 teams have a game. As someone who wants to be able to watch all the games, I really don’t like these promotions — MLS Decision Day is my personal hell — but I get that selling soccer just to me and my whims (10pm kickoffs at the earliest, no stadium light shows, etc) is probably not a great call for leagues.

US Soccer dropped a 17-tweet retort to the new USWNT documentary LFG, which understandably did not go over too popularly on Twitter dot com:

Orlando City at Inter Miami CF: Three Keys to Victory | The Mane Land
There’s one MLS match tonight, and as with apparently every soccer game played on earth from now on, it’s in Florida.

Q&A: New Houston Dash, Dynamo owner Ted Segal on why he bought in and his goals for both teams | The Athletic
United comes up as a tertiary character a couple of times in this interview with the new Houston Dashamo (this is the best portmanteau, Dynadash is terrible) owner.

Moving on, there’s a new woso podcast that I can recommend:

Let’s finish up with UEFA, which I’m told has a Champions League that’s like the one MLS teams participate in but with fewer brawls, doing away with the away goals rule:

I’m sure a lot of people like this, and I think I do too, but I also know everyone’s gonna be mad at whatever change comes to how teams approach two-legged matches from a game theory perspective.

Alright, that’s about it. It looks like we’re getting one last comfortable day weather-wise before our collective return into the DMV sauna, so make it count.