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Washington Spirit, CCL, and cool jerseys: Freedom Kicks for 6 May 2021

Soccer, go!

Kelley Piper / Black and Red United

Good morning, friends! It is a crisp spring day today, which is just the kind I love. Beautiful sun, everything blooming, and a ton of MLS games because that is what always happens in May.

To the links!

The Washington Spirit, kind of like D.C. United, need someone who can put the ball in the back of the net. Unlike D.C. United, however, the Spirit are just dominating games, so they might just be one piece away.

MLS continues to do poorly in the Concacaf Champions League, where they get beaten out by Liga MX usually on the basis of roster depth. It will continue to get closer, but MLS isn’t there yet.

Anywhere but the DMV, please!

Forward Madison continues to have excellent looking jerseys. I wish MLS and adidas would take some notes that people actually would buy more jerseys if they looked good!

That’s all I have on this slow Thursday; what’s up?