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NWSL Challenge Cup final venue issues, D.C United notes, and more: Freedom Kicks for 5/4/2021

Sometimes when you lose, the news is not a lot of fun

MLS: D.C. United at San Jose Earthquakes Stan Szeto-USA TODAY Sports

Running a little late this morning, but we have some notes about D.C. United, and the NWSL Challenge Cup final. Let’s just go right into it:

Would you like to start your day with some frustration? No? Well too bad:

Now, do I think this squares with reality? Not quite. Lopez’s goal was a better chance that it gets credit for because he had a week to size up his shot, and Sorga’s shot on an empty net feels like a much better chance than he was credited with. But also, “feels” vs. actual data, maybe I’m the dummy here.

Anyway, the broader point: if United matched this level of defensive vulnerability 100 times, they wouldn’t have given up 4 goals in too many of those’s just that we’re in the reality where they did.

Want to do this again? No? Well too bad!!!

As you should know by now, Loudoun gave up two early goals, did a lot to try and mount a comeback but the dang ball wouldn’t go in the dang goal.

In more news that applies to us, but also isn’t great:

The kid’s good. Would have been nice if he had done less on Saturday/Sunday though.

Minnesota in trouble, RSL’s new tradition and more from Week 3 |
The United section includes the word “oof,” but at least we’re not in Minnesota’s shoes?

We record this week’s Filibuster tonight, but until then, here’s your United podcast fix:

Now, as for that Challenge Cup final:

Union offer to host NWSL Challenge Cup final at Subaru Park if game has to be moved from Portland | Philadelphia Inquirer
No word as to whether the NWSL is interested in the Philadelphia Union’s offer, but all possibilities are probably on the table, because...

It’s not entirely clear how this is going to play out. The final is in four days, though for folks around here it’s a direct conflict with United’s game against Columbus.

OL Reign defeats Kansas City in NWSL Challenge Cup finale | Sounder at Heart
The final non-final of the Challenge Cup ended up going OL Reign’s way. Can’t say it was a very impressive match, but a win’s a win, right?

New Date for Manchester United vs. Liverpool Remains Uncertain | The Liverpool Offside
Rescheduling this game might end up requiring moving other games, because it’s May and the season is virtually over and also is very crowded.

Shunsuke Nakamura on Celtic, Strachan and still playing at 42 | The Guardian
My lateness has resulted in finding this article with Shunsuke Nakamura, who is teammates with Kazu Miura. So it’s really another post with King Kazu on this site. I’m not going to stop!

And on that confusing note, enjoy your Tuesday!