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New D.C. United kits, Eniola Aluko is Angel City FC’s sporting director, and more: Freedom Kicks for 5/20/2021

There’s a USMNT roster and a different new kit in here too!

Angel City Football Club Unveil Eniola Aluko as Their First Sporting Director Photo by Karl Bridgeman/Getty Images for Angel City FC

Good morning! I’m eating entirely too many peanut butter-filled pretzels, we have a D.C. United kit to devote too much mental energy to, and some varied soccer news good and bad. Let’s (fills mouth with more pretzels) go!

D.C. United releases 2021 Primeblue kit | Black and Red United
I’m a stickler for never changing the badge on a kit regardless of color-matching issues, but putting that aside, I think United came off on the better end of the equation with this year’s “these kits are made of recycled plastic” MLS kits. Plus, if you buy one from the link in that article, some fractional amount of money comes to B&RU, so if you look good in light blue (and I think you do, no exceptions!), maybe get yourself a shirt and get me a couple bucks.

DC United head coach Hernan Losada on Lionel Messi’s potential move to MLS | 90min
Our old friend Lizzy Becherano is over at her new gig, and wrote up this piece after Hernán Losada talked hypothetically about Leo Messi coming to MLS. This is not a Messi-to-DCU rumor, but who knows?

OK fine we all probably know. But it’s fun to imagine.

Moving on to the Washington Spirit:

Our game preview goes live in an hour, which is enough time to listen to this quasi-episode of Plex Weather twice! But once is probably enough I feel like.

MBFC Announces Tickets for Remaining Spring 2021 Home Games |
You can go see pro soccer at the Plex next month, as the Maryland Bobcats got clearance to start admitting fans in person for their remaining NISA home games. I might make the trip on June 5 myself, as there’s no direct conflict with the teams I cover.

MLS to conduct Waivers following conclusion of NCAA season |
Because of Covid-19, there’s an MLS waiver draft (?) for just three players. You folks know I’ve been paying unhealthily close attention to MLS stuff since 1996, and I know an unreasonable amount about all these varied mechanisms for players to end up on teams...and this one, I just don’t know, man.

Chicago Fire FC Names Ishwara Glassman Chrein President | Hot Time in Old Town
Very cool to hear Chicago going in a new direction on the business side. Probably a long-needed move for them.

Sounders betray green values by participating in NFT art sale | Sounder at Heart
MLS announced an NFT sale the same day they announced their environmentally-focused kits for the year, which is something out of an Armando Iannucci show.

Exclusive: An inside look at why Angel City hired Eniola Aluko to build its team | LA Times
Angel City FC signed former England striker Eniola Aluko to be their first-ever sporting director. It’ll be very interesting to see if she can succeed in one of the most visible positions in the entire NWSL after just one year in an equivalent role (she only retired in 2020).

Going back to new kits:

For a team that had no design time, I think KC did just fine here. The shade of red is good, and somehow this red/teal combo works.

Gregg Berhalter calls in 27 for USMNT friendly against Switzerland | Stars and Stripes FC
No DCU guys, so bad job Gregg, but also an interesting squad given how close the Nations League is.

Diego Maradona: 7 people charged with homicide...after shocking investigation | TMZ
I’m loath to link to TMZ, but they seem to have broke this story about Maradona’s doctors and others being charged with homicide in his death.

I almost forgot to conclude the post with anything, so here’s something I saw yesterday that I thought was cool. Enjoy your Friday, and if you’re in a band, play loud and fast.