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D.C. United releases 2021 Primeblue kit

United will wear these one-off kits, partially made from recycled ocean plastic, against Inter Miami on May 29

Courtesy of D.C. United / Major League Soccer

D.C. United, along with the rest of Major League Soccer’s 27 clubs, today revealed its 2021 Primeblue kit. The jerseys, partially made from plastics removed from various waterways, will be worn throughout the league on the weekend of May 29-30. For United, that means during their away game against Inter Miami on May 29.

If you buy the jersey at this link, Black and Red United will receive a little extra cash. So if you like the look of it enough to buy it, and you like would be nice if you used this link to make that purchase (at the same price you’d get going through the league shop or Adidas) you’re gonna make.

United’s kit is one of two versions all clubs around the league will share. The Black-and-Red, along with 13 other teams (including the Vancouver Whitecaps, who are the odd team out this weekend), will be in a jersey featuring a pattern of moving water in pale blue and white, with aqua accents for the badge, sponsor logo, and shoulder stripes. The other kit, which 13 teams will wear, will have the same aquatic pattern, but in two blue tones with orange accents.

MLS’s release concerning the jerseys explained the construction of the jerseys:

The jersey is made with 50% Parley Ocean plastic — upcycled plastic waste intercepted on shorelines and coastal areas. The jerseys are is a part of the many ways the league raises awareness for environmental issues and helps to create sustainable communities as part of MLS WORKS’ year-long Greener Goals initiative.

The league is also doing a promotion from today until May 28, in which fans can nominate other fans as deserving a game-worn Primeblue jersey:

So with the promo info out of the way, let’s talk about the kit itself. Of the two, I think United got the better look. The two-tone blue on the other version is nice, and I think blue and orange do go together, but not this particular set of blues with this particular orange. United’s look may be more muted, but that’s better than an unfavorable color clash in my book.

I will credit MLS and Adidas for upping their design game. Compared to 2018 and 2019’s Parley kits, which just looked like warm-up tops, there’s a sublimated design element that actually calls to mind the oceans, which the Parley project is supposed to be focused on. Especially given that the entire league will be wearing these kits all at once — I really think this promotion should be extended out over time rather than one whole weekend — adding that aquatic element to the kit is a positive step.

Let us know in the comments what you think, and again if you’re gonna buy the that link so I can buy a slightly more expensive kind of beer.

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