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D.C. United loses, Spirit to Audi Field & more: Freedom Kicks for 4/5/21

Man, Easter’s kind of quiet for soccer stuff.

New York City FC v D.C. United

Hey there, I didn’t watch the game yesterday because it was nice out and my kid insisted, but Jason did, so reward his diligence!

D.C. United neutralized by NYCFC in 2-1 preseason loss (us): As I was saying!

Oh, and one of their players is on his way:

Washington Spirit move both 2021 NWSL Challenge Cup games to Audi Field (us): tl;dr, the Spirit had objections to Segra Field, and I couldn’t blame them:

This goal from Gimnasia’s Lucas Licht is kind of great, or so I think, because I’m a nerd for volleys from corners (and will defend the Robben goal for Bayern Munich against Manchester United in Champions League play to its dying highlight)

Nicky Downs makes move to Loudoun United FC (LUFC): This and goalkeeper Noah Abrams are the 18th and 19th announced signings for Loudoun, I imagine they’ll add some college-committed academy kids to the fold also. Seems like they’re firm in the middle, now they need to score goals and create chances.

And in the midst of last week, Rick and Morty put a trailer for Season 5 (out in June) out last week: