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D.C. United prospects, Lucy Rushton and more: Freedom Kicks for 15 April 2021

Soccer, go!

Katie Cahalin / NYCFC / Courtesy of D.C. United

Good morning! It is a cool and rainy spring day, but I actually like these sorts of days. It is grey but with greenery blooming, birds chirping, and windows open in suck in the air. It reminds of a misty forest, hidden away from the rest of the world.

Anyways, enough musings. To the soccer!

What the Lucy Rushton hire says about DC United’s rebuild

Charles Boehm talks about how Hernan Losada’s comments, Lucy Rushton’s analysis, and Dave Kasper’s deal-making will chart the future for D.C. United over the next few years.

Kevin Paredes, Jacob Greene, and Moses Nyeman all make the list from D.C. United, but Griffin Yow drops off this year.

The Lowdown: Remembering the WUSA, 20 years later

The history of professional women’s soccer in the US has been choppy, but the WUSA was a big and necessary part of how we got to today.

Premier Lacrosse League unveils tour schedule, with championship game at Audi Field

I feel sympathy for the Audi Field grounds crew, who will have this in-between two D.C. United games.