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MLS preseason, Hernán Losada, and Andi Sullivan: Freedom Kicks for 9 March 2021

Soccer, go!

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Nikita Taparia

Hello, friends! A metric ton of news happened yesterday, so I’m helping Jason out by appearing to you on a Tuesday. Today starts a really excellent stretch of beautiful weather, so whenever possible I hope that you can get outside and enjoy it. Take your phone outside and read this! Go, now!

To the links:

We get our first taste of Hernán Losada’s style in training, where he emphasizes the collective over the individual, including eating breakfast and lunch all together.

D.C. United announce 2021 MLS preseason roster and schedule

D.C. United has an official roster and has official games on the schedule! We’ll be tracking all the moves, arrivals and departures, and more throughout the whole preseason.

Speaking of moves:

D.C. United adds KV Kortrijk defender Brendan Hines-Ike on one-year loan
D.C. United signs Clemson attacker Kimarni Smith

D.C. United has officially added two long-tipped players to the roster, bringing Brendan Hines-Ike on loan from Belgium and signing draft pick Kimarni Smith out of Clemson University. Hines-Ike is looking to play an important role for the team, with some knocks on the back line and with Losada likely to play, at least sometimes, out of a three back formation.

D.C. United co-chairman Jason Levien talks to Claudia Pagan about a new season, a new coach, and moving forward in MLS.

D.C. United rookie, former McDonogh star Michael DeShields dishes on early days in the pros

Michael DeShields talks to a local outlet about moving from playing soccer in Baltimore, to college, and then to making it to MLS with D.C. United.

Andi Sullivan and the space between

Claire Watkins looks at Andi Sullivan’s trajectory so far in NWSL, from 1st round draft pick and future USWNT starter, to key player for the Washington Spirit and trying to get back into the center of the USWNT conversation.

NWSL preseason preview: Tori Huster helps set the tone for the kids

Steph Yang talks to Tori Huster, Washington Spirit lifer and president of the NWSL Players Association, about being the veteran on a team of young players.

Trinity Rodman on going pro, and what she’s learned so far with the Washington Spirit

Our own André Carlisle talks to Trinity Rodman about going pro in soccer instead of basketball, what she’s learned so far, and her path to becoming one of the best in the league.

The Angel City Effect: Hollywood stars and the USWNT unite to shape the NWSL

Angel City FC is the next step evolution of the NWSL, and other teams and ownership groups around the league are going to have to keep up. See the Spirit adding a bunch of new owners recently, who both have money and connections.

That’s all I have today; what’s up?