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USMNT roster changes, USWNT roster today, Nigel Robertha travels...somewhere, and more: Freedom Kicks for 3/23/2021

Transfer rumor back on? Who knows!

EFBET Liga - Levski Sofia against Slavia Sofia Photo by Ulrik Pedersen/NurPhoto via Getty Images

Good morning! We’re coming off of a lovely sunny weekend, and as such I’m feeling pretty good about...uh, I guess it’s about to be cloudy for a few days. Whatever, I’ll take it. Over the weekend I saw a couple cardinals, and later some kind of hawk that I think is taking up residence in the general space between my place and and the South River.

So if you hear about a man being taken away by birds in Anne Arundel County, avenge me!!!

OK I’m done goofing, let’s get to the soccer. Let’s start off with the latest in the Nigel Robertha saga:

Still from Robertha’s Instagram stories from yesterday

What does it mean?????

Well, I don’t think anyone can actually say with certainty, beyond the fact that he appears to be headed somewhere. Curacao (who he’s eligible to play for, but has not ever actually played for) has World Cup qualifiers within the next few days, but Robertha does not appear on any roster I could find, and I didn’t see anything out there about him being named as a late addition.

So, if you want to read into this potentially meaningless screencap aggressively...well I guess I’m enabling you. Let the speculation begin!

Colorado Rapids Trade International Roster Slot to Atlanta United for $225,000 in GAM |
Related! Reminder that D.C. United has six international spots, all of which are currently occupied. And yes, it was a slow news day for the Black-and-Red.

In Washington Spirit news, some confirmation on something we’ve known is coming for a little while:

Currently unconfirmed one way or another, but if we’re allowed, we’ll covering this one in person. Fingers crossed.

Speaking of Spirit news, the USWNT roster drops later this morning, and Vlatko Andonovski will be addressing the media just after noon.

Nicholas Gioacchini re-added to USMNT roster | Stars and Stripes FC
The back-and-forth over what the Covid-19 rules are has meant players being subtracted, added, or coming in for only one game for the USMNT. Here’s the latest development.

Days after releasing a brief, inadequate statement about the end of Youtuber David Dobrik’s involvement with the club, Angel City FC had more to say late last night:

No one wants my PR advice, but leading with this statement might have helped.

Ricardo Clark’s journey from youth prospect to youth development with Vancouver Whitecaps FC |
It didn’t seem to get much talk at the time, but longtime MLS midfielder Ricardo Clark is now an assistant coach for the Whitecaps (making him one of the only Black coaching staff members in the entire league). This piece from Charles Boehm is a good look at Clark’s path since retirement.

Serbian soccer association president Slavisa Kokeza resigns | AP News
Oh ok...hey, why did he resign?

The president of the Serbian soccer association resigned Monday after being linked to a fan group accused of murder, kidnapping and drug trafficking.

Oh. Oh no.

Lakers announce Elgin Baylor has passed at the age of 86 | Silver Screen & Roll
Elgin Baylor, an almost incomparable DC sports legend as well as a fighter for social justice, passed away at 86 yesterday.

Secret Base Hall of Fame: Pheidippides | Secret Base
My advice: don’t try to run a Spartathlon.

Maryland women’s basketball cruises past Mount St. Mary’s, 98-45, in first round of NCAA Tournament | Testudo Times
Maryland’s women’s team is an incredible point-scoring monster, and we will not be discussing other basketball results in here today!

On that note, attack your day like Terps women’s basketball by scoring endless points!