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Spirit signs draftees, DCU rumors and more: Freedom Kicks for 3/15/21

And RIP Marvelous Marvin Hagler.

Washington Football Team / Courtesy of Washington Spirit

Hey there, get your body ready, since St. Patrick’s Day is midweek and all.

Washington Spirit sign four 2021 NWSL Draft picks (us): More to come from Jason, but the Spirit are just ahead of everyone else on preseason stuff and their ducks appear to be all in a row.

¿Cuánto dinero ganó Atlas con la venta de Luciano Acosta? (Bolavip): If these numbers surrounding the transfer fee ($5m) of (and current salary for) Lucho ($1.2m) are Kristian Dyer says this will be made official today. Speaking of Dyer and D.C. United related news:

Source: Three MLS Clubs with Interest in Jan Vodháněl (MLS Multiplex): OK I guess? Jan has been attached to an MLS team the past three seasons, so who knows.

While we’re looking at D.C. United and new players, possible or actual:

Loudoun United announce preseason roster, schedule (us): Weird to have details for both D.C. and Loudoun already, but pleasantly surprised!

Oh, and if you haven’t seen the Hernan Losada in training thing, go:

Finally, in the wake of the sudden passing of Marvin Hagler, the fight with Tommy Hearns in 1985 remains a classic for its passion, chaos, and physicality. For fans of boxing, go check it out: