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Hernán Losada, Paul Arriola, and an MLS lockout: Freedom Kicks for 4 February 2021

Soccer, go!

Beerschot v Club Brugge - Pro League Photo by Herman Dingler/BSR Agency/Getty Images

Good morning, friends! I’m settling into my chair with a nice cup of jasmine green tea and hoping that MLS owners don’t decide to blow up the league this evening. To the links!

Interview with Hernán Losada

The Filibuster crew talks with D.C. United’s new head coach about United’s homegrown players, his preferred style of play, and what he thinks the team still needs in the transfer market. Give it a listen whenever fine podcasts are found!

Based on the figures that are floating around, the owners want to save themselves a couple million bucks a year per team, and are willing to lockout the players because of it. That amount of money is a pittance in the grand scheme for any owner, and I stand with the players in their quest to get what they deserve.

If the lockout actually happens, we’ll see if it cuts off their nose to spite their face in terms of long-term damage to the league or not.

I would love to see this from Pines as well, because that would also mean that he’s one of the best center backs in the league. A great goal for a young player to have.

...I wish that this was more of a “see you soon!” than it turned out to be. Though, as we all know from the Andy Najar loan a few years ago, even loans without purchase clauses often turn into purchases...

If you’re looking for some additional merch, here’s Paul Arriola’s official jersey and number.

Our own Jason Anderson talks to Tori Huster about the beginning of the NWSL preseason, so give this one a listen as well!

Speaking of the Washington Spirit:

And speaking of where the Washington Spirit are training:

D.C. United owner Jason Levien discusses the club’s push into Leesburg

That’s all I have this morning, what’s up?