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Washington Spirit investors press for sale to Y. Michele Kang, D.C. United gets GAM, and more: Freedom Kicks for 12/28/2021

The local teams are in the news, plus yet another King Kazu update

Kelley Piper / Black and Red United

Good afternoon! I kind of forgot today is Tuesday rather than Monday, but we have D.C. United adding to their GAM stockpile, a major Washington Spirit ownership development, and some other things to talk over, so here are those things!

Washington Spirit investors increase pressure on Steve Baldwin to sell to Y. Michele Kang | Washington Post
A group of 17 Spirit investors have told Steve Baldwin that Y. Michele Kang’s offer to buy the team (reportedly for $35 million) is the only option worth considering, and effectively that they’re prepared to take him to court if he doesn’t go that route. There’s plenty in this piece, with all signs pointing to this issue hanging over the club for some time. I know people are caught up on the league’s “end of year” deadline, but my expectation is that the league isn’t going to solve this one.

United, meanwhile, is apparently picking up a quarter-million in GAM for an international roster spot. That matches the going price set by Nashville and others in recent trades, so it’s not super complicated from that perspective.

Right now, before this deal is official, United has five internationals and six spots. However, that all changes on Saturday, when it’s officially 2022. January 1 marks the moment that United gets two spots back from past trades, and it also sees Erik Sorga’s loan to VVV Venlo come to an end. Throw in this trade, and making no presumptions about Sorga’s long-term future or green cards for anyone, and we’re talking six internationals for seven spots.

Top 8 trades of the 2021 MLS season |
United isn’t involved in any of these, but they do serve as a lesson that a) you can still make major things happen for your team via trades, and b) if you’re a team from Texas, you can make a big acquisition via trade and still be terrible.

Don’t Let Anyone Tell You This Isn’t What it Looks Like | Rose City Review
This is a top-notch piece on the situation the Portland Thorns got themselves into by drafting Sydny Nasello without looking into her apparent far-right views, just a couple of months after their various failures relating to Paul Riley’s tenure came out.

Freya Coombe on her journey with Angel City FC and the impact it hopes to have on the NWSL |
B&RU vet Lizzy Becherano had a chat with Freya Coombe on everything involved with being Angel City FC’s first-ever head coach.

Perspective on being a Liga MX Femenil fan in the United States | FMF State of Mind
Our own André Carlisle spoke to friend-of-the-site Eugene Rupinski about how he got into Liga MX Femenil.

三浦知良、JFL・鈴鹿への移籍が決定的!近日中に正式契約 兄・ヤス監督とJ3昇格目指す |
Kazuyoshi Miura is apparently very close to a move to Suzuka Point Getters, who are in the Japan Football League (that’s their 4th tier), and who have his brother Yasutoshi on staff as their technical director. Japan’s pyramid is interesting, as lower-division teams with ambitions of climbing much higher can qualify for the “100 Year Plan,” which essentially tests whether their club will be viable as a business and sporting institution for the foreseeable future.

It’s almost like...a good idea that a country I can think of should copy???

Alright, I need to get some lunch, so that’ll do it. Enjoy what’s left of your Tuesday!