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MLS end of year roundups & more: Freedom Kicks for 12/27/21

A cobbled together link post for the short week.

MLS: Columbus Crew SC at D.C. United Scott Taetsch-USA TODAY Sports

Well, now’s the time we move from what we got or didn’t get for Christmas to the end of year recap stuff, so that’s what the window between these two holidays brings:

What I’m celebrating about every MLS team’s 2021 season (MLS): Andrew Wiebe likes resurrections.

The 26 wildest and wackiest moments from MLS’ 26th season (MLS): Sam likes yambag shots?

Wolfsburg reportedly negotiating a transfer for USMNT star Ricardo Pepi (SSFC): Pepi, meet Bryang Kayo?

Speaking of Kayo, a look at an Academy teammate of his:

With the news that he’s an impending homegrown signing, short of reheating my brief thread about his chances, I’ll point folks to the recap I did of their year (which I’ll add won’t get easier next year with the impending departure of captain and center back Timmy Mehl to Tampa Bay), but Teddy KDP’s taken a lot of leaps on and off-field this season, and his energy and vision playing centrally and on the wings will help him with the murderball that is Hernan Losada’s system. My two cents anyway.

Finally, I loves me a good mashup, and Sleepy Skunk’s trailer mashup for 2021 is upon us. Enjoy: