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Washington Spirit, MLS playoffs, and more: Freedom Kicks for 4 November 2021

Soccer, go!

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NWSL: National Women’s Soccer League-Racing Louisville FC at Washington Spirit Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning! The end of the MLS regular season is right around the corner, with the final slate of games coming this weekend. Also on Sunday, of course, is the first round of the NWSL playoffs, so please enjoy the fall weather, go see some soccer, and hope for the best for all of our area’s teams.

To the links:

Washington Spirit in exclusive sale negotiations with The St. James, sources say

*Sigh* So instead of selling the team of Michele Kang, already an owner of the Washington Spirit, Steve Baldwin wants to take $5M less to sell the team to an interlocking set of LLCs and investment firms eventually backed by Todd Boehley, a part owner of the LA Dodgers.

Just sell the team to Kang!

Also, if I were one of the minority investors, I would be pretty mad about Baldwin considering to devalue the franchise out of spite. And if I were another owner in the league, I would definitely be mad about it; even if the purchase is agreed to, I wonder if the league steps in to nix it.

Here are your playoff scenarios for D.C. United this Sunday. Because of the loss to Columbus, United do not control their own destiny. Get ready to have multiple screens up, and keep an eye on the Red Bulls and Montreal as D.C. United tries to do their part.

USWNT to play Australia in pair of November road friendlies

Covid precautions are part of the reason for a pair of friendlies against the same team, but the USWNT will close out their year down under. The team will leave a couple of days after the NWSL final, so no rest yet for any players whose teams make it that far.

Congratulations on a wonderful career from the second most famous soccer person from Crofton, Maryland: Kyle Beckerman.

The Chicago Fire remain in chaos!

That’s all I have; what’s up?