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D.C. United loses, NWSL fallout continues and more: Freedom Kicks for 10/4/21

MLS: Inter Miami CF at Portland Timbers Troy Wayrynen-USA TODAY Sports

Hi there, so I’ve been (mostly) casual last week after the birth of my son last week. It’s our second child, both boys, and two quick things if I’m indulged:

It feels like the older son, who turns 5 this month, is looking forward to being around and helping his baby brother as much as he can (his Dad is an older brother and can relate). It’s not been without a challenge or two, but after realizing the permanent nature of a new addition, he’s looking forward to supporting him as much as we do.

After going through the experience (except for the birthing part), I’ve become a fan of home births. Things like that are not for everyone, nor are they cheap, but the mom has access to pediatricians, nurses and nurse practitioners, midwives, and the like, all without having to be bothered by nurse visits every 2 hours in a hospital, or having to put an ankle monitor on your new baby in the event that he violates parole or something. It was a more intimate experience bringing him into the world, and it was far more resonant. Anyway, stepping off the soapbox.

Recaps of D.C. United’s 2-1 loss to Orlando City SC by us, WaPo, and MLS. Mane Land with more.

Awash in crises, NWSL calls off this weekend’s games (us): The reaction and action following the Paul Riley revelations continues.

National Women’s Soccer League Announces Commitment to Systemic Transformation (NWSL): We’ll see!

Is Jake Silverstein the real-life Ted Lasso? (Bloomberg Sports): Another of D.C.’s recently announced investors chats, if you feel like listening.

Meanwhile, this is about got-damn time:

Matchday Report: Five-Star Independence Sweep Past Loudoun (USL): Loudoun got stomped again, but a minor nota bene that their last five games are against independent sides, who have already clinched a postseason spot and are looking to maintain their form, part of which is scoring the 4th (Pittsburgh), 5th (Miami), and 6th highest (Charlotte, twice) goals for in the league, and all of whom are playing for the last home field spot in the playoffs. Playing 17-year-olds at goalkeeper and central midfielder, and another 17 year old at right midfielder in their first starts (as Loudoun’s done recently with Jonny Mennell, Jackson Hopkins, and Jace Clark, respectively) is going to be trial by fire as you’d expect. Not pleasant, but not entirely unexpected.

Anyway, I’ll close with a Monster Mash of my own so we can all continue to usurp Jason’s thing: