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D.C. United endless coaching search continues, Marta’s getting married, and more: Freedom Kicks for 1/5/2021

Will the District’s men’s soccer team ever have a coach?

France v Brazil: Round Of 16 - 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup France Photo by Martin Rose/Getty Images

I was very, very close to falling asleep, but I realized I didn’t have a completed Freedom Kicks post so much as just a collection of links. But good news, I got out of what would have been a very uncomfortable sleeping position (in a chair, boot-clad feet balanced on a table, neck bent as a position that would have ruined me for days if I’d have spent the whole night in place) out of a sense of duty. So thank you, Freedom Kicks, for saving me from a night of sleep that would have damaged at least three of my major joints.

D.C. United, facing a ‘big decision’ with its coaching search, has been taking its time | Washington Post
D.C. United has not yet honed in on a top candidate for its head coaching position, and in fact sounds no closer than they were a couple of weeks ago. But since MLS is itself in potential limbo, the rush to appoint a coach might not really be there, because we have an unanswered question concerning when said coach will have to actually, you know, coach.

Anyway Steve Goff has details on why we are where we are, on the prospect of Gelmin Rivas returning, and a theoretical (and familiar) defensive addition.

Washington Spirit thrilled to add ‘total competitor’ Emily Sonnett | Black & Red United
Yours truly wrote about Emily Sonnett, the latest big addition for the Washington Spirit, after her first press conference since the trade. It’s not really in the article, but I’ll go ahead and mention that we’re just eight days from the 2021 NWSL draft.

2021 Soccer Almanac: Key dates and major tournaments in busy year ahead |
Bookmark for future reference!

Sources: Eastern Conference MLS team makes bid for Yedlin | Soccer By Ives
DeAndre Yedlin could be coming to the Eastern Conference. Does that mean to United? Probably not, but I can’t say I’d be opposed if that ended up being how it shook out.

Covid-19 safety brought to you by Carl’s Jr.

OL Reign trades for Tziarra King | Sounder at Heart
This is a really interesting NWSL trade, because the known quantities involved (Tziarra King going to OL Reign, Darian Jenkins going to the unnamed KC team) are both forwards who are pretty close in ability. Jenkins is more of a winger who could play inside, while King is at least in my book more of a second forward who can also play wide.

Marta’s getting married!!! | All for XI
Marta and Toni Pressley (formerly of the Washington Spirit, but for the past few years she’s been with the Orlando Pride) are getting married, which is very good and cool.

Maryland Bobcats FC Announce hummel as Official Technical Apparel Partner |
Hummel has been making my favorite kits for the past few years, and the Maryland Bobcats are going to step into their first season as part of NISA rocking the trademark Hummel chevron. As a soccer fan in Maryland who wants to look good, I feel like this is excellent news.

Covid: New lockdowns for England and Scotland ahead of ‘hardest weeks’ | BBC
Terrible news, but also completely sensible.

I don’t have a cool link to throw in at the end, so I’ll finish up by hoping you’re all doing well and staying safe. Have a good one today!