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Flores family tragedy, Loudoun loses & more: Freedom Kicks for 8/3/20

Take a moment and call someone you know fam.

MLS: Inter Miami CF at D.C. United Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

This is a particularly barren and solemn Kicks today, so apologies and all that.

Falleció abuela de Edison Flores a causa de Covid-19 (Expresso): Sadness from Peru as ‘Oreja’s’ grandmother is another in the list of those who we’ve lost to Covid. Having lost my Dad to it a couple of months ago, it’s a very precise and particular pain, where you not only can’t just be with your family when they hurt, but you can’t do anything other than hope for luck. DEP abuela.

Loudoun United improve but lose 4-1 to Hartford (us): Yes you read that right, and I’m sticking to it!

Since we’re with Hartford for a second, a discussion from Peabo Doue on soccer in the area. Peabo is a former Academy player, and this chat touches on then and now within the Academy, D.C. United soccer and his role at Loudoun. You’ll be seeing a little more from Peabo on this here website later today:

For your “up” note, apparently Netflix did a documentary on Nicolas Anelka? It comes out this week and looks good: