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DCU draw, Spirit eliminated & more: Freedom Kicks for 7/20/20

Very little noise, mostly signal.

MLS: New England Revolution at D.C. United Douglas DeFelice-USA TODAY Sports

Hey there, I’m in Delaware which, for reasons, I find myself before Loudoun United games. Go figure (speaking of Loudoun, they start back up tonight on national TV, so expect that preview later this morning). I’m filling in for Jason tomorrow, so expect this to be brief.

Recaps of D.C. United’s 1-1 draw with the New England Revolution by us, WaPo and MLS (with more from them here). The Bent Musket has the Revs’ side.

Recaps of Washington Spirit’s shootout loss to Sky Blue FC from us, CBS and WaPo. Once a Metro with the other side.

D.C. United welcomes back fans to Audi Field for socially distanced watch party (WaPo): OK I guess? Was better at home with air conditioning tbh.

Anyway that’s all I have today, got to pace myself for tomorrow.