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D.C. vying to host 2026 World Cup games

Trying to bring the World Cup back 32 years later

Courtesy of DC 2026

The United States landed the 2026 World Cup two years ago, and now the Washington, D.C., area is making a big push to be one of the host cities. The aptly named DC2026 was publicly launched yesterday, and it features a bunch of familiar names all united around the goal of bringing World Cup matches here: Bill Hamid is one of the co-chairs, and Andi Sullivan, Jose Andres, Jason Levien, Joanna Lohman, Eddie Pope, Brianna Scurry, Steve Baldwin, and more are the members of the Advisory Board.

Also, in a blast to the past, Mark Ein is one of the co-chairs of the Advisory Board as well. If you don’t remember Mark Ein, do a Google site search into our archives to see that saga play out from 2012 to 2015.

The bid features FedEx Field as the primary venue for games held in the D.C. area, with training sites at Audi Field, the Maryland SoccerPlex, Trinity Washington University, and the Fields at RFK Campus. If anything is going to sink D.C.’s bid, I think it would be FedEx Field (which will be long in the tooth by the time 2026 comes around), and suggesting that World Cup teams can train on the RFK campus’ astroturf fields without major upgrades. The city’s number of hotel rooms, infrastructure, amenities, and more are in the top tier of American cities, making it a perfect place to host World Cup games.

The World Cup would be the perfect time to debut a brand new stadium, and the Washington professional football team has been laying the groundwork for a few years now; in addition, it would make the D.C. area’s bid much stronger than featuring a 30 year old stadium. But, as we all know, building a stadium is a long, slow process, and so getting one off the ground from talks to grand opening in 6 years is pushing it.

Personally, I’d still love to see the World Cup here in the D.C. area; the United States is well suited with infrastructure already available, and having a month-long celebration of soccer has to feature the nation’s capital.