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Washington Spirit release new kit for 2020

It took months but it’s here! It’s here! IIIIT’S HEEEERE!

Hannah Wagner / Courtesy of Washington Spirit

For a number of reasons — from a world-stopping pandemic to the adding of multiple news sponsors — the Washington Spirit’s new kit was teased for months. MONTHS! But today, this glorious Thursday in late June, we can finally see it, salivate over it, and, of course, buy it.

The Spirit dropped the kit with a really well done video narrated by the GOAT, Briana Scurry.

It’s a simple shirt but the highlight is the red shorts, which really complete the entire look and complement the shirt very well (and in truth gives the kit the pop the shirt is missing on its own).

Xavier Dussaq / Courtesy of Washington Spirit

A deep blue shirt with gray horizontal stripes is a bit different, but the red side-piping matching and leading toward the shirts is a nice touch. Also, well hello there CVS Health. This apparently also doubles as the announcement and unveiling of a new huge sponsor, and while part of the sponsor logo, the red heart adds a decent cohesive design element. I personally prefer sponsors to take up only one line, but all in all it’s a solid shirt, and much better kit.

Look at it. Love it. Adore it. Delight in it. Wear it. Lift a trophy in it? We’ll get to that business Saturday, June 27th at 10pm ET.

Xavi Dussaq / Courtesy of Washington Spirit