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D.C. United, Covid & training, Spirit prep & more: Freedom Kicks for 6/15/20

And a long-awaited Jairo Arrieta update

Xavier Dussaq / Courtesy of D.C. United

Hi there, well we have some things to discuss don’t we?

D.C. United Confirm Positive Case of COVID-19 (DCU): That was Saturday. And then Sunday they said they could resume full team training today. Or as much as they can I guess.

MLS to allow additional advertising on uniforms (WaPo): Makes sense.

‘Start slow’: Loudoun United coach has tips as kids, weekend athletes return to Northern Va. fields (WTOP): Ryan Martin has thoughts on Phase II and such.

Deportivo Mixco buscará regresar a la Liga Nacional y se refuerza con dos experimentados jugadores costarricenses (Prensa Libre): Former D.C. player Jairo Arrieta turns 37 in two months, and has just signed with his second team in the Guatemalan league.

The Spirit Prepares for a Tournament of Promise and Risk (City Paper): Hopefully less Covid to boot for the Washington Spirit!

Tegan McGrady on how we move forward, the need for education (Just Women’s Sports): And the Spirit players talk about what’s next.

Finally I went down a small wormhole of soccer commercials and remembered that Hocus Pocus was in Baby Driver (Edgar Wright’s most recent film) and here that is: